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Our History

During college, Dr. Allen Nguyen was still deciding on what career path to take. Allen's passion was to help people.

Influentially, he studied Nurising but soon realized it was not for him. 

In Anatomy class, he ran into a picture of the human body that displayed nerves, joints, and other parts.

Since he was so intrigued, he asked his professor if their was a profession he could take that involved his interest. His teacher introduced him into Chiropractic.

That was the moment Allen started his journey.

In 2006, Allen graduated with a Doctorate Degree from Parker College in Dallas.

After a few years of learning from his mentors, he decided to open up his own practice. 


Our Mission

We want to help people's body recover, restore, and achieve it's fullest potential. We want to transmit good energy to the body.

Excellent Patient Care Care

We'll examine your body and assess on what treatments we believe is the best. Our team has the best treatment in the area.

Supreme Customer Service

We will listen to any complications your body may be having. We are here to help you.

Good Energy

Energy is what helps the body move. Good Energy is what helps the body move efficiently and that's what we're all about!



Meet the team

Dr. Allen

Dr. Allen


Dr. Allen Nguyen is a 2006 graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic and is also the founder of Elite Chiropractic Pointe...

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